Let Kerr Lake Water Serve the Region It was Designed to Serve!

Oppose the Kerr Lake Interbasin Transfer

1. Why are our regional leaders attempting to sell Warren County’s economic potential and future to prosperous counties south of Kerr Lake that could cap the economic development of our region? Who’s getting what?

2. The daily transfer of millions of gallons of water from Kerr Lake will affect lake levels, drinking water quality, wildlife, agriculture, recreation, tourism, future industries, real estate, & every living thing down the Roanoke River Valley. The draw-down would not be a “drop-in-the-bucket.”

3. Massive water diversion and inevitable droughts could make Kerr Lake shorelines into mudflats! In addition to the requested transfer of 10 million gallons of water per day (MGD) (our future allotment), the town of Cary has applied for 50 MGD, and Raleigh is looking for water. Predicted drought conditions could drastically drop lake levels even more!

4. Our leaders are trying to railroad through this transfer of water and our future along the Roanoke River Basin with NO legitimate local hearings held and necessary NO Environmental Impact Study conducted.

5. Tell Kerr Lake Regional Water System and Interbasin government and political supporters: “Don’t divert our water; don’t destroy our economic development prospects.”


Public Sentiment Must Determine Our Future, not Vested Interests!