DAY 103: EPA to Discuss River Clean Up

For weeks I have been talking about the need for a coal ash cleanup meeting here in our area and have discussed the idea with a number of people. After attending the Town Hall Eden Coal Ash Meeting on March 31st and seeing how meeting organizers wanted to embrace the Warren County environmental justice history, I realized a meeting in our parts has been long overdue.

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Day 97: Saving Beloved Kerr Lake

I take the coal ash breach into the Roanoke River Basin, into the Dan River, into Kerr Lake very, very personally. Ken and I moved to Warren County largely because of Kerr Lake and the beauty of the surrounding rural area. Kerr Lake is beloved to me. Now, I realize that swimming in it without fear of pollutants is a privilege of the past, and I am devastated by this realization.

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Chronology of Coal Ash in the Dan