Letter to the Virginia Uranium Mining Opposition

To the Virginia Uranium Mining Opposition:   This is a call to action for support from the formidable and effective alliance of Virginia and North Carolina citizens and leaders whose vision and commitment to work for a safe future resulted in successfully convincing...

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The Battle for the Basin

Corporations and governments do not have the right to determine the destiny of citizens and sovereign states without their consent. To do so would be to destroy the principles of self-government, freedom, and equality.

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Day 110: NC governor proposes new coal ash plan after spill

“The governor has left plenty of room for Duke to do nothing more than empty the water out of its ash ponds and cover them with dirt,” Harrison said. “This approach is unacceptable because it would allow these toxic dumps to continue leaking and poisoning our rivers and groundwater supplies with toxic heavy metals for many years to come.”

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Chronology of Coal Ash in the Dan