Why does there need to be a state-sponsored nuclear energy group with very broad directives and no oversight in Virginia?

Below is a video of a delegate talking about the purpose of the Virginia Nuclear Energy Consortium Authority (SB1138/HB179) the delegate doesn’t specifically use the words “write regulations,” which once written, would essentially lift the ban on uranium mining. The specifics are missing here of course; he speaks in generalities. The idea seems to be to talk sweetly about “all things nuclear” and be vague and broad.

He does specifically speak to mining and milling and says that policy makers are making strides toward proving that it can be done safely. Really? Policy makers are the ones making things safe? No, they are the ones who would write regulations that would LEGALIZE CONTAMINATION.

This program covers other stuff, so to get to the meaty section the video fast-forward to about 10 minutes into the program.  They have just been asked about bills they are sponsoring or supporting. The delegate speaks about how this bill will bring together these diverse nuclear interest groups. Our questions are:

  • Why can’t these groups just get together on their own?
  • Why does there need to be a law that says they can get together?
  • Why is the group exempt from oversight?
  • What are they hiding? (Uranium mining and milling regulations, maybe?)

They must need protection from public scrutiny to accomplish what they have really been tasked to do. Sneaky, sneaky. To check out these bills for your self click the links associated with the house and senate bills above. The secrecy written into these Bills speaks volumes about the clandestine behavior… what are they up to that they don’t want anyone to know about? For more on this subject