Deliberately Learning  MultiMedia Skills: A Pledge to My Friend

It is Day 2 of my 365 Days of Living Deliberately.  A significant part of Day 1 was spent attempting to learn how to use the necessary computer and camera programs and functions for this blog and website and to find and successfully move photo files that I have chronically mismanaged by keeping them in one gargantuan, disorganized file.

As I look forward to the upcoming year and think about what it means for me to fully live deliberately, I can see that my multi-media use and computer housekeeping skills are going to have to move out of the sleeping, dinosaur, lazy-girl mode. Living deliberately, I realize, especially as it relates to sharing this blog, is clearly going to require that I get on the media horse and learn to ride it.

Thankfully, I have help in my dear friend, Leslie James, who is also an educator colleague of mine. She patiently teaches me new computer skills as I need to know them.  In addition to the continual computer consultation she gives me, Leslie is also often advising her mother, Kay, who like me, sometimes suffers from inattention while being instructed on computer-related concepts and applications. Tommy, Leslie’s astute husband, recently suggested that Leslie put her computer how-to info for silver-streakers on YouTube so that she could save herself the aggravation and wasted time from repeated teaching sessions.  He has a good point.

So, here is a pledge that I make to Leslie and to Tommy, who always appreciates more of Leslie’s time. While LIVING DELIBERATELY, I REALLY will attempt to pay close attention to your computer media instructions and advice, Leslie, so that you won’t have to repeatedly explain the same thing over and over again, and you will have more time for your own valuable affairs!

Every time that I say or imply to Leslie that I am a sixty-one-year-old, computer-challenged silver-streaker, she gently reminds me that such a person may have been me in the past, but it’s not me going forward.  She continually cautions me to watch carefully the words that I use.

One word that I can safely use to describe myself in an affirmative way is tenacious.  I am committed to learning a variety of media functions for this blogging website: 365 Days of Living Deliberately.  This is a deliberate promise.

The blog photo is of me years ago when I was first attempting to live deliberately at our cabin in the woods.