It is day 71 of my 365 days of Living Deliberately blog.  I started thinking about how the buck stops with the captain of the ship.  In the case of Duke Energy, here is what I have learned after doing some investigation:

Duke Energy’s Chief Executive Officer and President at Duke Energy Corporation and Duke Energy Progress, Inc. Lynn Good is bad for business, for Duke’s shareholders and customers. Ms. Good is bad for the environment, natural resources, and public health. She has to go.

While she recently stated publicly that Duke customers will pay for the estimated $1 billion cleanup (early estimate) instead, she should be held personally, financially, and criminally accountable to shareholders, customers, and citizens for Duke’s crimes against humanity.

As the person who “led the treasury functions for the company, as well as insurance, market and credit risk management, and corporate financial planning and analysis,” Ms. Good’s failure of leadership will cost billions to Duke shareholders, customers, and North Carolina citizens.

The buck stops with Ms. Good. She needs to step down as Duke’s President and CEO. Her culpability in the coal ash disaster is no different than Bernie Madoff whose stole billions from shareholders and who ended up in jail.

In addition to her position as President and Chief Executive Officer of Duke Energy, Ms. Good serves as the Chief Executive Officer at Duke Energy Indiana. She serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Duke Energy Florida, Inc. and Duke Energy Ohio, Inc. She serves as the Chief Financial Officer, Executive Vice President and Director of Carolina Power & Light Company.

Ms. Good must be aware of every skeleton in Duke Energy’s multiple-state coal ash closet.

Ms. Good also serves on the boards of directors of the Edison Electric Institute and the Institute of Nuclear Power Operations. She is a member of the executive committee of the Nuclear Energy Institute, and she is affiliated with numerous other boards.

Ms. Lynn Good makes too much money (more than $3 million per year) and wields too much power. Duke Energy shareholders and customers and citizens across the region need to demand that she be held accountable for her criminal leadership and that she step down immediately so that Duke Energy can move forward with the coal ash cleanup in good faith and with new leadership that is not already deeply, and toxically compromised.