It is day 50 of my 365 Days of Living Deliberately blog, and my friend and colleague, Leslie, and I worked until past midnight putting together a power-point presentation on uranium mining for the 19th Annual Tulane Environmental Law Clinic Summit.  I didn’t realize until the eleventh hour that power-point presentations are a given.

Andrew Lester, Director of the Roanoke River Basin Association, and I were panelists who represented the opposition to uranium mining in Virginia. Christopher Pugsley, an attorney from Washington, D.C. who represents uranium mining companies, spoke for the pro-mining side of the issue.  Will Lindsey, who coordinated the uranium panel, first asked Virginia Uranium Mining (Energy’s) project director and spokesperson Patrick Wales to speak, but Patrick turned down the request without hesitation.

The Tulane Environmental Law Clinic is well-known across the country for working legally with communities in Louisiana which are impacted by the massive petro-chemical and other pollution-causing industries that are located on and near the Mississippi River.  A host of topics was presented at the two-day Summit, including discussions on ocean acidification, wetlands destruction, Levee destruction and damages,  restoring the Gulf Coast, hydraulic Fracturing and waste water, legislative solutions to plastics, Louisiana’s Cancer Alley, the recent West Virginia chemical spill, uranium mining in Virginia, and environmental radicalism and civil disobedience.