It is day 29 of my 365 Days of Living Deliberately, and we are snowed in here at the cabin and chapel house. Ken came back from Kenille’s in Wake Forest where he stays most of the time.  He came back here to make certain that we were prepared for the frigid weather we are having, making certain that the pipes are well insulated. We took a walk in the afternoon, and Ken was pensive much of the walk.  As he walked ahead of me on our road still untouched by footprints or car tires, I snapped a photo that made me think of a poem that he wrote in 1980, two years into our PCB battle and two years before the PCB movement occurred in 1982.  His poem, titled, “Time Will Show,” below, was prophetic.

Time Will Show       

Time will show      

we couldn’t concentrate

to save our fate only

 but cared also for the trees,

their circles of destiny

 winding through our minds

and informing actions

 of a political kind.

These seed and soil grown delights

 fed on nature’s dark intrigues

have a language all their own.

So we’re children tracing letters

 for the first time,

men told too late

 we’d learned too soon all wrong,

lost snow travelers of a new frontier,

 pioneers of an old faith,

whose precedential footprints blown away,

 stand alone

where all directions seem the same,

 then, circling through the trees,

pine, oak, and hickory,

 wind inward toward the core.

Here, even before maul hits wedge well placed

 along lines of least resistance

we can feel muscle

 and stringy fiber give,

as oak and hickory split,

 and the two halves,

falling away,

 are quartered,

then corded with the rest.

But there will come a time

 when we shall have to be

more knot-resistant

 to maul and wedge

and the axe’s cutting edge,

 more like these old weathered stumps,

which, at least, have to be carried whole

 to the agony of hearth,

the center of the home.

Then, as now,

 we won’t curse others for our fate,

but rough-hew new hope

 from old trees,

pine, oak, and hickory.

 Time will show we cared about the trees.

Ken Ferruccio

February 18, 1980