Stop the Kerr Lake Interbasin Water Transfer:

Officials to Contact NOW!!!:




  • Cancel the April 30 Interbasin Transfer Public Comment Deadline
  • Call for Public Hearings
  • Call for an Environmental Impact Statement


** Especially Call and Email:

N.C Dept of Environment and Natural Resources Division of Water Resources:

 **Kim Nimmer, Interbasin Transfer Program Manager: Toll Free 877-623-6748; email:

Harold Brady:

Sarah Young:

**Tom Fransen:


NC Environmental Management Commission:

**Kevin C. Martin, Vice-Chairman: 919-846-5900;


Roanoke River Basin Bi-State Commission

**Sen. Angela Bryant:  252-442-4022;

Tim Pace:


**Rep. Nathan Baskerville: 919-733-5824; email:


Henderson City Council:

**Mike Inscoe: 252-492-7686  [request forwarding to all Councilmen]

Asst. City Manager: Frank Frazier —



Henderson City Manager’s Office:

Edward Watt, Interim City Manager: 252.430.5701;

Frank Frazier, Assistant City Manager: 252-430-5703

Patricia Pearson, Executive Assistant: 252-430-5702


Henderson City Hall: 252-430-5700

    James D “Pete” O’Geary, Mayor: 252.430-5708;


Vance County Commissioners:

**Commissioners: [request forwarding to all Commissioners]

Deborah F. Brown: 252-492-0581; email address:

Dan Brummitt: Phone: 252-432-4774; email

Terry Garrison: 252-438-6363; email address:

Thomas S. Hester, Jr.: 252-738-9771; email

Archie. B. Taylor, Jr., Chairman: 252-432-9366; email address:

Gordon Wider, Vice-Chairman: 252-432-2441; email address:

Eddie L. Wright: 252-762-8554; email

**Robert Murphy, Vance County Manager: 252-738-2001

Warren County Commissioners:

**Commissioners: [request forwarding to all Commissioners]

Victor Hunt: (252) 425-5649; email:

Jennifer Jordan, Vice Chairman: (252) 257-2789; e-mail:

Bertadean Baker:  (252) 430-8357; e-mail:

Tare Davis: (252) 532-4346; e-mail:

Barry Richardson, Chairman: (252) 532-0821;


**Linda Worth, County Manager: (252) 257-3115; email:

    Paula Pulley: (252)257-3115; email:


Warren County Economic Development Commission:

**Pete Dechenes – EDC