I was writing an email to a restaurant supply company where I purchased a large, stainless steel frying pan for my daughter’s birthday.  Even though she liked the looks of the skillet, she regretted telling me that she wouldn’t use it because it was made in China.

I attempted several times to talk with a customer service person and was informed I should contact the company by email. I emailed the company and told them I plan to return the frying pan and that my daughter and I are concerned that the quality of the Chinese-made stainless steel is questionable.  

I decided to look online for some quotes that support our concerns and came upon a New York Times Op Ed titled, “The Price of ‘Made in China,'” that is worth reading: 


I also came upon another informative article posted on the website, Pro Organic Living, titled: “Are stainless steel water bottles slowly poisoning you and your loved ones?”