It is day 39 of my 365 Days of Living Deliberately blog, and I am confessing up-front my mixed feelings about going to the Moral March in Raleigh today.  Yesterday I discussed the subject with Leslie and Matt. Leslie suggested that my time might be better spent getting my book out and challenged me to finish putting my manuscript package together and to mail it out on Monday.  Matt said he hoped that I’d get the story out before “my buddy” Governor Hunt died.  I took the book challenge and decided not to go to the Moral March, not until about 11:00 this morning when I realized that I could skip the long march and still make it to Raleigh and join the marchers at the capitol.  I didn’t think that my back could take the long walk and standing for so long, but showing up at the capitol seemed possible.

So, I drove the hour to Raleigh, found a parking deck open, and walked two blocks to the stage across from the capitol.   I had no idea that I would be able to get to the exact spot I needed to be so seamlessly. I arrived wearing my “No Uranium Mining” sticker just before Reverend Barber spoke and felt the energy he infused into the crowd. He then closed with “We Shall Overcome Today,” and, of course, I joined in, forgetting that as I was videotaping the crowd with my camera phone, that I was also recording my voice.  So, I will edit my Moral March video that I am possibly going to post on You Tube.

What did I accomplish?  I don’t know for sure.  Did my person make a difference?  It did for me, at least, even though I originally was hesitant to go.

I know from personal experience that movement-building means inordinate amounts of work convincing individuals to take action. I appreciate all the work by the NAACP and others that went into making this Moral March and all the Moral Monday marches this past spring and summer so powerful, and I appreciate all the emails from environmental and other organizations inviting me to join.  They did a lot to get the word out.